The Lethbridge Kiddies


The Lethbridge Kiddies c. 1922

This is one of my favorite photos of my grandmother Dorothy Smith Clark. I love the costumes, the poses, their expressions. Dorothy, center-left, looks beautiful in her hyacinth costume and ringlets. When my grandmother got a little older and bobbed her hair, she saved her ringlets and gave them to her children.

When Marvin and I were about 13 and 11 we travelled with a group from “The Alberta Conservatory of Music” under Leo McCoombs to several surrounding communities. Billed as the “Lethbridge Kiddies” in Easter in Fairyland, our offering included piano with narratives, violin arrangements, dances and humorous readings by characters dressed as Rain, Snow, Clouds, and various flowers. My role as a pink hyacinth included a short piano number and later a group dance. Despite the novelty and excitement of being “on the road”, the stage never held any real attraction for me, even after some pleasant times in dancing choruses and road shows.
—Dorothy Smith Clark, Life Sketch

 Later in her life Dorothy attempted to identify those in the picture.


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