Give Me this Mountain

Now therefore give me this mountain. – Joshua 14:12

Every fall, when the folds of the Wasatch Mountains soften with ripening leaves, and her peaks catch light from the lowering sun, I am unsettled. My old refuge, these canyons have wrapped within her secret places of years past. As a child, we cooked enormous breakfasts on my father’s propane stove, took nature walks and collected leaves. As I grew we retreated there with boys, keeping warm under the big quilts our mothers made. My friend Mike and I wore out our copy of Hiking the Wasatch during my college years, systematically conquering peak after peak. During this time I found a favorite place—Mt. Aire—and returned there often alone, to read and think. Now, as my minivan wears down the miles at her foothills, I am too often resigned to the daily minutia that keeps me from her trails. Continue reading