About Me

As the wife of an Englishman and the descendant of English immigrants, I am an Anglophile in every sense of the word. As the mother of four young daughters, I continue to be challenged and taught in this role. Most days I’m just madly spinning the plates of responsibility. On rarer days I read, hike, write, and find my ancestors.

I am a Mormon, and am particularly interested in researching and writing about women’s history. I hope to be the change I feel that we need in our church culture in loving and accepting those who linger on society’s fringe.

I believe the homemade version of anything — even if it turns out badly — is better than store bought. I like putting my hands in buckets of brown sugar, feeling the ache in my arms kneading bread, and feeling peach juice run over my wrists as I peel them. Someday I want to have a bakery and make date bars and apple pies for people tired of cake pops. I feel about baking like old men feel about baseball, and the bakery will be their Field of Dreams, because food is deepest and fondest path to memory.

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